Sunday, May 6, 2012

April in New Hampshire

We spent the first two weeks of April in New Hampshire which was filled with family, food, projects, and drama.

The drama started the day we left.  One of my colleagues was going to stay in our house while we were in the States so we had to make sure it was clean top-to-bottom -- sheets, dishes, etc.  We were finally ready to head to the States but when we checked into our flight we found out they had overbooked so they offered us a crap-load of money to fly out the next day...which we did.  We went back to our house (after a stop at the toy store) for the night and then did the whole trip again the next day.  We finally arrived in Boston after 7 hours and headed North.

More drama followed after Erin saw a doctor, got blood tests, and was referred to an oncologist.  We spent about a week worrying she had leukemia.  It was the worst week of my life.

Apart from the cancer scare, the highlights included:

Time with Great Grampa
Building the back patio 
Steps for the back patio 
Finished patio 
Pancakes with real New Hampshire maple syrup
Homemade pie
Birthday cake

Tour of the biofuel plant 
Colonel Town Players
Visit from the Easter Bunny
Epic Wii tournaments using the projector 
BBQ with the BBQ King
Stories from Great Grampa
Scratch tickets
Our first keg 
Upstairs bathroom project
Grand Bois du Nord 
Free plane tickets for being bumped in Boston
New England Aquarium 
Red Sox
Fenway Pahk