Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riots in London

Today I went with a few colleagues to Clapham Junction, armed with only gloves and a broom.  We had heard on Twitter that people were turning up to help with the recovery but when we got there we were amazed by the number of people already there waiting for the police to take down the tape.  It was a really inspiring scene.

After roughly 20 minutes of waiting, a group of politicians and press walked up and down the street to assess the area.  I was standing about five feet from Boris Johnson when a passionate youth from the area gave him an earful about protecting his city.  Watch out for the clip on the BBC!

Update: The clip of Boris is here.  The man in the black t-shirt with glasses is one of my colleagues and I'm standing just behind him.

Clapham Junction high street still roped off

A visit from the Mayor, Boris Johnson

Volunteers waiting to clean up


Therese said...

Such a great thing to be doing. Well done Andy! I'm sending this post to my family.

Hailey Vial said...

we've been watching all the horror unfold on the news here. It's nice to hear that there is a peaceful ying to the violent yang. Boris' trip was on the AP, but not the helpers. That must not grab headlines as well.