Monday, January 10, 2011

Rock Stars at our House

This weekend, thanks to a mutual friend, we were lucky enough to host Franz Nicolay (The Hold Steady), Dave Hause (The Loved Ones), and Jack Terricloth and Sandra Malak (World Inferno/Friendship Society) at our house.  It was so cool to get to know people way outside my social circle.  They were all incredibly interesting, funny, and talented.  I highly encourage you to attend one of their shows!

Franz Nicolay

Dave Hause

Jack Terricloth

Sandra Malak


Kristen said...

What? Really? Tell us more! How did this come about?

Andy Buteau said...

This came about from Erin's friend Emily Price ( that was good friends of Franz. Emily asked if we had room to house a few of her musician friends and we said "sure".

It turned out to be for two weekends and it was great. We had a chance to get to know some very talented and passionate people that we otherwise would not have. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to interact with people that are really changing the world.