Monday, November 8, 2010

To Blave

Just over 12 years ago I met a girl.

She was blonde, sweet, and had a radient smile which glowed with kindness, compassion, and intellect, unlike anything I'd ever seen.  She wore a Sarah Mclaughlan butterfly t-shirt and a pair of grey knit stretch pants.  She seemed to smile at everything I said which had the effect of physically making me float.

After a trip to Krakow and a brief touch of hands (her doing), I knew I would spend the rest of my life with her.  Propelled by love but deterred by cowardice, I left a pair of 'Oliver!' tickets and the duty of asking for the first date with her roommate.  The first date turned into a second and then a third and then a fourth.  Before I knew it I was completely and utterly head over heals.

This weekend I was given a rare and unique gift -- a time machine.   A weekend trip back to 1998 where I spent time with the same girl in the same city.  True Love.

November, 1998
November, 2010


Sue Buteau said...

You're such a romantic! Lucky boy; lucky girl! hat?!

Kristen said...

How totally wonderful!!!

That Erin is pretty spectacular, but I've always been amazed by what a perfect match she found too!