Monday, June 28, 2010

One in Wales

Well, I'm a bit late on this one - but lately I feel like I'm always catching up.  I really can't believe how fast this year has gone.  It seems like only a couple weeks ago we were driving through Richmond Park to get the the hospital, with my mom coaching me in relaxation from the back seat.  I think I still have a blog about Annabelle's birth that I never finished.
Bella had her first birthday while we were in Wales on a motor home trip (an absolutely gorgeous country that deserves another blog!)  We had pancakes with candles for breakfast and the kids decorated the motor home with balloons and a banner.  After a long day at some caves in the Brecon Beacons, then checking into one campsite, leaving to find another, and setting up there we were pretty late when we ended up at a pub for dinner.  Luckily sweet Edison insisted on asking them for cake (and he brought along a candle) for a party there at the pub, because by the time we left and got back to our campsite Annabelle was asleep.  She loved the chocolate cake Edison picked out - and especially the berries and ice cream on top.  Everyone was so great at the pub - late at night with 5 kids counting our friends (who we had a blast with and made it feel more like a party!).

Annabelle at 1 year old:
loves blueberries
loves music
is so smiley
loves playing with her brother and sister, especially laughing at Edison
gives kisses
waves goodbye
stands up on her own - (but not just by letting go, she does it carefully holding on to nothing in the middle of the floor)
thinks pulling Sophie's hair is a game
born in London and has travelled to California, Utah, New Hampshire, Spain, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Wales, and Ireland - and what a wonderful baby she has been through it all!
is just so incredibly sweet
We love you Annabelle!  Happy Birthday! 

I love this one - everyone loving Bella!

peaking through a hole at Raglan Castle


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