Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scalextric & Lego

Since Nana left we've turned the upstairs bedroom into a huge Scalextric track.  Tonight we had a lot of laughs when the Lego spectators stepped onto the tracks.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Edison!

I can hardly believe I am the Mom of a six year old.  It has really been a joy to watch Edison grow up, to see his personality in everything he does.  I love his silly faces and how he gets so excited with a new idea.  He is an incredibly good big brother and enjoys playing with both Sophie and Annabelle.  He is an excellent reader and now has quite an English accent (Of course if he thinks I need it, he is more than willing to speak "American" for me).  He has lots of friends, and we have heard about a few girls that really like to play with him at school.  In particular he has a little friend named Georgia who he says he will marry (she agrees).  We have had a few conversations about how old he has to be, etc.  For him it seems pretty matter of fact that it will just happen, it is just about when.  I guess we'll wait and see.

For Edison's 6th Birthday he decided he wanted a pirate party.  We hired a great guy "Captain Davy" and really enjoyed the low stress party after last year.  Edison loved the party too - his friends, the magic tricks, the parrot, pizza, and cupcakes.

Since last year we have moved house, he moved into the top of a bunk bed, he can read almost anything, he is writing in "the Sheen Mount Way" very well, and really enjoys football (soccer) club.
Here are 6 things he loves at 6:

  • Superheros - primarily Batman, but loves to pretend play superheros and "baddies"
  • Transformers, legos, other toys and games involving building stuff

(I love the concentration here...)

  • Racing - while running, Daddy driving, scalextric cars, go carts, or just about anything - and always made better if he wins :-)
  • His sisters - he really is such a sweet, loving, helpful, kind big brother
  • Making stuff - such an imagination, he will make just about anything out of paper, glue, egg cartons, tape, paint, scissors, etc.  He loves a show called "Mr. Maker" to get ideas.

  • "Band Practice" with "Star Rock" i.e. Guitar Hero with Daddy and Sophie
Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past year:

Keeping it exciting - even at one of many airports

Edison loves the family to match - skeleton jammies, batman shirts, etc.

Happy Birthday Edison!  We love you!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bella moved!

Bella has finally outgrown here cradle so tonight she moved into her crib.  I think she likes it!