Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Bunny

Tonight we told Edison that he had to get in bed so the Easter Bunny would come. His first question was "How does the Easter Bunny get into our house?" I replied, "magic!", which seemed to satisfy him for a moment until he asked his second question:

"Does the Easter Bunny wear a kilt?"

Well, since the Irish have laid claim to Leprechauns, the British to Father Christmas, and the Welsh to Dragons, it stands to reason the Easter Bunny must be Scottish.

So yes, Edison, the Easter Bunny must wear a kilt.

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Sue Buteau said... reminds of of when you began asking questions about Santa Claus, and discovered that your parents had been lying to you for years! Such trauma! So many tears! Fortunately, in the end, you now know that Santa Claus is real! :o)