Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunshine, beach, sand...where??

Right here!! So we have been to a few UK beaches - but always it has been cold and rocky. Not that it isn't beautiful, but just not the same. I have been yearning for sunshine and the beach - thinking I had to go somewhere else, but we found it less than 2 hours away. Andy planned a little getaway for Mother's day weekend (22 March here) and we ended up with fantastic weather. We spent a day at the zoo and a day at the beach.  The blossoms and bulbs are all out, and it is gorgeous! (Okay, so today it is grey again and pouring rain, but who can complain - with a week like last week.) Here are some pictures from our weekend:
My 2 favorite boys at the zoo

Pictures from the beach near Bournemouth

Baby #3 "hanging out" too:

What a gorgeous Mother's day! Thanks Andy!

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Maginot said...

so glad you had perfect weather for the beach! Happy Mother's Day! And good job to Andy for planing the trip and the good weather :-) Why are you guys moving?