Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wanted: A Defender of Modern Art

A few weeks ago we went to the Tate Modern, an institution that is widely regarded as one of the finest modern art galleries in the world. One would naturally assume, given its prestige, that the art contained within its walls would exemplify the finest talent humanity has witnessed over the last 100 years. Instead, nothing but rubbish. Yep, I said it, rubbish.

Perhaps its my years of schooling in maths, engineering, computer science, or physics that has shaped my mind into a cold, analytic, unemotional mass that's incapable of appreciating the many layers and complexities of modern art....or maybe it really is rubbish.

Some examples:
Mondrian - he refused to use green. WTF?
Pollack - "Whoops, I kicked a can of paint on to that canvas. I'll just call it art so I won't have to throw it out." Well, guess what Mr Pollack, it's still rubbish.

So here's my request -- please send to me an articulate, thoughtful, and convincing argument in favor of modern art. If you convince me it's not rubbish I'll send you a Google t-shirt.

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