Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Edison!

When I asked Edison who he wanted to invite to his birthday party he said everyone in his class (which is 30) plus 2 other friends. After trying to convince him otherwise (turns out he knows EVERYONE in his class and they are ALL his friends) we decided to invite them. We were a bit last minute sending out invitations with Christmas, Andy and Sophie's birthdays and a trip to Germany - so we were thinking there would be a lot of people busy to cut the numbers down...apparently not. So we had 25 4 &5 year olds here for his party. The party passed with only one cut (she was allergic to band-aids) and one sad enough to call her mom. It was absolutely insane, and we couldn't have done it without the help of Marta (our Scottish nanny friend) and some of Edison's friends' moms. The next day, on his birthday - we had a pretty tame party with dinner and cake and a couple adult friends from church. Happy Birthday Edison! We love you!

Right now Edison loves:
building with legos
making things with paper, tape, glue, and anything else around
driving remote control cars with Dad
making funny faces
making Sophie laugh

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