Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 8 - Munich to Brussels

We hit the road around noon, just after checking out of the hotel.  We headed north for about an hour before we hit traffic.  We decided to abandon the GPS in favor of Google Maps directions so we cut across Germany toward Nurnberg.

We thought it would be interesting to check out the Nazi Rally Grounds, though we didn't have a map of the city and the GPS failed us once again.  After driving around the city for an hour we called my mom for info (uggg, it's painful to have a G1 but to be too cheap to pay for data roaming!) and she managed to read some German and give us the address.

The view from the top of the podium was errie.  It's hard to imagine there could be that much hate in the world.

The rest of the drive to Brussels was uneventful, though it did take another 7 or so hours.  We finally checked in to our hotel around 1am and went straight to bed.

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