Friday, September 12, 2008

What's up with wellies?

Several people have asked me about the top picture on our blog. The picture was taken in May when we went to the Surrey County Show. We spent the entire afternoon tromping around in the mud and the rain having a wonderful time. The kids were *so* happy playing in the mud. It was really great.

More pictures from that day are in our May, 2008 album.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Edison's 1st day of school

We have been getting ready for Edison to go to school for a while now.  Last June we went to see his school and meet his teachers - we were VERY impressed (It can't be too bad if Tim Berners-Lee went there - ).  This past week we have been buying everything he needs for his uniform.  Edison wasn't very excited when we were buying trousers and polo shirts since the only thing he really loves to wear are "soft pants" (sweats).  We did manage to find him some light up black school shoes though, and when he woke up he was running around so excited to get dreased and go to "big school". 

Edison in front of our house - before school.

Edison after school, ready to ride home.