Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August Bank Holiday, 2008

I have finally given in and I'm starting a blog - mostly because we are so far away from many of the people I love (hopefully this will make us feel closer), but also as a way for me to keep some record of our lives. So this is it...maybe someday I will catch up on the last 11 months we have been here in London, but for now I will start with last weekend.

We had all sorts of ideas about where we could go, but after 30 + calls to B&Bs with no space (I guess everyone in England goes away over the August Bank holiday - some shops near us have even closed for a couple weeks), we opted for a Marriott in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere in particular because it looked nice and had a pool. Turned out it was right near the Yorkshire Dales, York, Bolton Abbey rail station with Thomas the train and a bunch of other cool places. It also didn't hurt that it included a couple nights of meals in their amazing restaurant and room service breakfast.
Edison and Sophie on the train

Sophie loves saying, "running!!" while running so fast I think she hardly touches the ground...

Me crossing the river at Bolton Abbey - I went back and crossed in bare feet after I saw it was about 4 ft deep and some of the stones wobbled...

I love this one of Sophie...

My favorite street in York (and not just because it had a shop called "Chocolate Heaven")

Clifford's tower - York